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Remove Curse is stupid and dumb

Okay so you've found your way into a big ol' hoard of treasure, a hoard so vast and glinty that your eyes can barely focus in on it; and let's say that in your excitement you pick up a particularly shiny and exciting sword, but alas! The sword is cursed!

Is this it? A life with -2 CHA? Like some kind of Half-Orc?

Nah, just find yourself a 4th level Magic-User and of those nasty stat penalties will go away in an Instant!

You're not a wizard, you're a wizard with a curse!

I'll concede that it's a contrived example, and have no end in faith that even a first-time Referee would balk at the idea of something so brewing with potential for narrative and torment (and even narrative torment) as a CURSE being cured with the mere wave of a hand, it needs to be said that nary even a nod to the idea in the Sacred Tomes probably deserves at least some examination; and at least a few opportunities to impart some potentially useless knowledge.

So, how do we fix it?

Well like every great "how to win at a narrative game with no winners"-style post, I'll start with a terrible mnemonic that you'll absolutely forget before you're finished reading this grumble!


H - History
E - Effect
C - Cure
C - Cost

We'll start, as things often do, with History. Why does this artifact exist and why does it make your knob rot off when you pick it up?